FES DRIVE SYSTEMS     Since the introduction...



Since the introduction of electric propulsion systems in model aircrafts, modeling pilots have used so called front- or nose-drives in glider models - often laughed at by scale purists of model or man carrying aircrafts. Some years ago, man carrying gliders have discovered this type of propulsion and made it acceptable with the term FES (Front Electrical Sustainer).
The burning desire of getting their model or man carrying plane up in the air at any time and without outside help, regardless of towing winches or towing aircraft, has always been present in all pilotsminds.
With constant improvement of engines, accumulators and controllers, today the electrification of airplanes is nearly unlimited.
TORCMAN has dedicated itself to improve FES drive technology in recent years and offers solutions for almost all applications and weight classes for model aircrafts. In particular, the FesEx system - the push-button detachable propeller - has contributed much to the success and popularity of TORCMAN products. In combination with the optimized motor, rib set and installation accessories, TORCMAN supplies the perfect solution for every customer as a complete package or in parts.